• Black Student Achievement

  • Dr. Jared DuPree
    Senior Director
    Black Student Achievement Plan

    Dr. Jared Dupree

  • Dr. Erica Thomas
    Lead Director - Personnel
    Black Student Achievement Plan

    Dr. Erica Thomas

  • Norma Spencer
    Black Student Achievement Plan

    Norma Spencer

  • Dominique Morris
    Program and Policy Adviser
    Black Student Achievement Plan


    Roberto Martinez, Associate Superintendent
    Al Webb, Senior Director
    Deborah Brandy, Director


  • Lakisha Johnson, LCSW
    Coordinator - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Jacob Guthrie, Director
    Human Resources



    Administrative Coordinators, Instruction

    Monique Bell, LD West
    Michelle Byrant, LD South
    Eva Carpenter, LD West
    Dr. Glynetta Fletcher, LD South
    Karima Gillenwaters, LD West
    Ana Guzman, LD Central
    Dr. Shauna Harris, LD West
    Gregory Hooker, LD West
    Sean Leyva, LD South
    Dr. Janet Mack, LD WEst
    Alison O'Quinn, LD West
    Dr. Jean Pennicooke, LD South
    Renee Rawles, LD West
    Dr. Gina Russell-Williams, LD West
    Dr. Shilby Sims, LD West
    Dr. Sandra Sklarsh, LD West
    Dr. Krishna Smith, LD South
    Mary Ann Sullivan, LD South
    Jera Turner, LD South
    Kimberly Wright, LD West