Allowable Warehouse Items (SIM & GST)

  • Items from the General Stores Warehouse have been identified as allowable items under General Supplies Technology (GST) (Commitment Code 430001) and Supplemental Instructional Materials (SIM) (Commitment Code 430010). Please refer to the Program and Budget Handbook for further details.

Buy and Use LAUSD First

  • The Buy and Use LAUSD First resolution, adopted by the Board of Education on November 13, 2012, recognizes that there are many products and services provided from within the District that can be obtained at significantly lower costs than through outside vendors. The Office of Inspector General audit of Procurement of Common Goods at School Sites, dated November 26, 2013, determined that schools and offices can save 20 to 40 percent by purchasing selected items from General Stores. As a result, schools and offices are required to purchase their daily supplies and materials from General Stores rather than outside retail vendors.


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Updated 04-21-2021