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  • Effective Communication with Parents/Caregivers around LAUSD’s Student COVID Vaccination Policy

    SHHS_Effective Communication with Parents_Caregivers_handoutConversations on this topic may be sensitive and/or complex. It might be hard to know precisely what to say, and how to say it. This document complements the script for vaccination conversations that has previously been shared, by providing tips about how to approach these conversations.
    Adopt a Person-Centered Approach It is critical that we take a person-centered approach to our outreach efforts. Individuals may have strong feelings and/or beliefs on this topic, and we will be more effective in building a connection with them if we listen authentically to their viewpoints and validate where they are coming from.
    Here are a few questions that we may ask ourselves to confirm that we are taking a person-centered approach...
    1. Do I listen more than I talk?

    2. Do I ask permission to give information? 

    3. Do I recognize and acknowledge any mixed/conflicting feelings I hear?
    4. Do I seek to understand this person?

    5. Do I summarize for this person what I’m hearing?

    6. Do I value this person’s perspective?

    7. Do I honor this person’s right and ability to make their own choices?
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