• Public Transit Passes and Tokens

    Public Transit Passes and Tokens from the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, and the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Lines are available only to certain qualified students.
    Only school personnel designated on the Approved Signature Form (Attachment H) can request passes.
    Attachment H must be submitted any time a new principal is assigned to the school or if the principal is updating the personnel authorized to request passes.
    To request an MTA Student K-12 TAP Card for students that don't have a permanent TAP card, mail the completed K-12 Student TAP Card Application via US Mail to:
    MAIL STOP 99 PL-4
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90012-2952
    *Include a cover letter requesting all permanent cards to be sent to the school.
    To add Student TAP cards to the School Account and load Student 30-Day Passes, review the TAP Instructions Manual.
    To request all other types of passes, click here.
    For additional information regarding this program, please refer to Reference Guide REF-4860.0: Procedures for the Issuance of Public Transit Stamps, Tokens, and Punch Cards or contact the Transportation Services Division Accounting Unit at 213-580-2922.