• Charges for Field Trips


    The cost of bus transportation for a field trip is based on the number of hours the bus is requested for. For round trips, the number of hours begins at the requested pick-up time and ends at the requested return time.
    For one-way trips, the number of hours is twice the hours from the requested pick-up time to the requested arrival time.  This is to cover the cost of returning the bus to its assigned location.
    See below for the hourly rates.

     Trip Type

     Flat Hourly Rate

     Weekday Trips


     Weekend Trips


    For example, bus transportation for a weekday field trip with a 9:00 AM pick-up time and 2:00 PM return time would cost $410.
    Transportation costs are not encumbered.
    For “Program” funded trips, expenses are charged to commitment item 430091. Please note, invoices are not generated for "Program" funded trips. To see the expenditure(s), you must look at your budget.
    For “Student Body” and “Reimbursable” funded trips, invoices may be generated in about six to eight weeks after the trip date. For ongoing trips, invoices may be generated six to eight weeks from the last trip date.

    If you would like to pay an invoice with a District funding line, complete the Field Trip Bus Invoice Payment and email it to felina.reyes@lausd.net.
    Please note, if a trip request is cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time, you may incur a fee.