• Football to Formulas with Los Angeles Chargers

    The Los Angeles Unified School District is partnering with LA Chargers and Western Governors University (WGU) to enhance the ability of LA Unified’s educators to support students to use and apply mathematical reasoning and data literacy skills with math tasks based on LA Chargers game data. By connecting to football, these tasks would support your students’ math identity, access and equity and also the task is culturally relevant.  

    The football tasks can be a classroom problem solving assignment or a Problem of the Week. Students and classrooms who complete and submit the task will be awarded prizes through a random drawing process. Students and the entire classroom could win tickets to LA. Chargers games, LA Chargers promotional items with logo, emblem, jersey, and many other prizes. 

    Target Grade Levels: Grades 6 - 12.

    TASKSTask 1, November 8

    Instructions for Submission

    Teachers could randomly pick three completed tasks and upload to the LA Chargers Portal/website

    Winners will be announced biweekly.

    Charger Partnership