• Student Centered Funding (SCF)

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  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • A cornerstone of SCF is ongoing engagement with families, students, school sites, local districts, and central office. Please engage at your school sites regarding the SCF beginning in the Spring of 2022.


    If you’d like to provide input, please add your feedback in the following ways:


    Spring and Summer 2021 Engagement Schedule


    A cross-department Central Office team will conduct stakeholder engagement with a broad range of constituents including principals, parent groups, community-based organizations, labor partners, and teachers. These conversations will focus on building an understanding of SCF and asking for their input on the policy design of SCF before a design proposal is presented to the Board of Education in September of 2021.


     SCF Engagement


    A summary of these engagement sessions will be shared at the end of July, 2021 at a Board of Education Meeting.