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  • Palestine and Israel

    The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity acknowledges the pain and suffering that is occurring at this time and hopes for peace. We offer resources on how to talk to your students about what is going on in the region.

    Independence or Catastrophe?
    Teaching Palestine through multiple perspectives

    By Samia Shoman

    A social studies teacher uses conflicting narratives to engage students in studying the history of Palestine/Israel, focusing on the events of 1948.

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    Free eBook Teaching About the Wars

    Edited by Jody Sokolower

    Teaching About the Wars breaks the curricular silence on the U.S. military engagement in the Middle East. The articles and lessons in this volume explore “the realities of how we got here.” This collection of articles and hands-on lessons shows how teachers prompt their students to think critically about big issues. Here is the best writing from Rethinking Schools magazine on war and peace in the 21st century.

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    reframing israel

    Reframing Israel: Teaching Jewish Kids to Think Critically About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    This resource is geared towards Jewish communities but may be adapted for broader use.

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    teach palestine

    Teaching Palestine

    The Teach Palestine Project website is a resource by and for K-12 teachers and teacher educators. 

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    learning for justice

    Learning for Justice

    Resources for Learning about Israel and Palestine

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    The New York Times: Teaching About the Current Conflict in Gaza and Israel

    New York Times lesson (May 2021) where students will learn about the roots, causes and impact of the escalating violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

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    As an Arab American Muslim Mother, Here Is the Education I Want for My Children

    By Nina Shoman-Dajani

    Of the hundreds of assignments my children have brought home from school over the years, not one of them has referred to Palestine or to Muslims. As a Muslim, a Palestinian American, and a mother, I want this to change.

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