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  • What is SOGIE?

    SOGIE stands for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression.  This term recognizes all sexual orientations and gender identities, including heterosexual and cisgender.


    Good teaching includes helping students process their thoughts and feelings about the world and creating space for them to bring their full selves to school. This document, Courageous Conversations with Students, provides tools, lesson plans, and practical advice for facilitating dialogues with students about power, privilege, oppression, and resistance.  They were adapted by the Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity.  Click here to view this resource. 


    Standing with Queer Students Conference

    Queer Conference Registration


    The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity is excited to announce the upcoming Standing with Queer Students conference!  This multiday conference is designed to support LAUSD’s mission to provide affirming learning and working environments for LGBTQ+ students, staff and families.  The focus of this conference will be on promising practices for affirming Sexual Orientation/ Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE) in grades K-12. The audience will include LAUSD educators, teachers, administrators, counselors, and mental health professionals. Please click on the graphic for more information

  • GSA

    Gender and Sexuality Alliances have proven to be critical protective factors for our LGBT+ youth.  The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity is here to support your leadership of your school communities' GSA club.  Please feel free to access any of the resources listed below.  Furthermore, for additional support, please reach out to the HRDE staff member in your Local District.  

    Join or GSA Advisor Schoology Group!  The code is: XSMW-XTGC-4K4QW



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