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  • Do all students have to return to school for the rest of the 2020-21 school year?

  • Are parents able to change our mind on the Program Selection Form? How? Until when?

  • What will people have to do to get on campus every day?

  • What’s the easiest way to get on campus?

  • Is my school safe?

  • When are schools going to reopen for this year?

  • How much time will be spent on learning new routines/protocols?

  • How will teachers/staff be communicating reopening efforts, schedules and important information out to parents?

  • When will families know the outcome of the surveys and cohorts at their schools?

  • What will next school year look like? In person or online?



  • What is required for testing and what do I have to do to meet those requirements?

  • What happens if a student arrives without a negative COVID test on file?

  • How will the weekly COVID testing occur?

  • Will the weekly testing be a nasal swab only?

  • With whom will the District share information regarding COVID test results?

  • What information will be provided to parents about positive test results in their classroom or school community?

  • Will school nurses be the ones administering the weekly tests at schools?



  • How do I set up my Daily Pass and connect my family members?

  • How does my child show the Daily Pass if they do not have a phone and we do not have access to a printer?

  • Can I use my child’s email to login to the Daily Pass if they are under 13 years old?

  • Who can I call to help me with the Daily Pass set up?



  • What will the school day look like for elementary school students?

  • Will my child have the same teacher that they have had this year?

  • Is there a maximum number of students in a classroom?

  • Will playgrounds be accessible?



  • Will school buses be operational?

  • Will school buses rides be socially distant?

  • When and where will elementary students eat lunch?

  • When and where will secondary students eat lunch?

  • Will all students receive Grab & Go food or only those who quality for free/reduced lunch?

  • Can students bring their own snacks and lunches?



  • Does my elementary student need to bring their laptop?

  • Can my student keep their District-provided laptop and hotspot?

  • What happens if a teacher is unable to come back to campus?

  • Can siblings all be placed in the same cohort/schedule?

  • Can students bring backpacks?

  • What will the on-campus school day look like for students?



  • What is the district’s plan if a child tests positive for COVID at a school site after students return to campus?

  • How often will disinfecting occur?

  • How do I know if my school is disinfecting?

  • If a student is held in an isolation or quarantine area, will they be able to access instruction for that day? How?

  • What should I do if my student is not feeling well?

  • How often will nurses be onsite at all schools?

  • How are we going to ensure all students wear their masks all day, both inside and outside the classroom?



  • Will parents of students with disabilities be able to complete the Program Selection Form after final guidelines for special education are released?

  • Will there be accommodations for children with disabilities regarding weekly testing, as well as wearing a mask?

  • How will social distancing work in special education classrooms where children need more intensive, hands-on support?

  • Will the District offer Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) District or Non-Public Agency service upon our return to school?

  • If my child needs support with personal care such as toileting and feeding, will that be provided?

  • Where can I learn more?



  • How will summer learning and the proposed 10 extra days of the 2021-22 school year support students?

  • What is being done to support students who are off track or have failing grades?

  • Will there be SBAC tests this year?

  • What will graduation and prom look like?

  • What’s the best way for families to stay connected to their child’s school?

  • If I am unable to connect with my school site for assistance, whom may I contact?

  • Where can I find more information?

  • Can families get support for issues relating to stress, anxiety, and other mental health needs?

  • What social-emotional support will be given to students, educators and staff as they transition back into the classroom?



  • Are outside groups able to come onto campus to offer their programs?

  • What are the hours of childcare?

  • What grades can take advantage of after school child care, and what are the supervision ratios?

  • Will students be maintained in cohorts during the after school programs?

  • Who will be providing the after school childcare?



  • Are all school staff required to be vaccinated?

  • Will I know if my child’s educators are vaccinated?

  • When can my child get the vaccine?

  • Who can help members of my family schedule a vaccine appointment?

  • Where can I learn more about COVID vaccines?