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    Updates - Inter-district Permits
    The on-line inter-district permit application window (From one School District to another School District) for the 2021-2022 school year will be open from February 1st through April 30th. Current year applications remain open for ALL Incoming Inter-district Permits and for Outgoing Parent Employment requests. If you do not work within the district that you are requesting, please visit the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) website for appeal paperwork or call (562) 922-6301.



    California Education Code Section 46600 allows for the transfer of students from their district of residence to another school district for any grade from transitional kindergarten/kindergarten through grade 12 under conditions specified by the policy of the board of education. At the request of the parent, an inter-district permit may be granted for a student to transfer out of the school district of residence or into a school district of proposed enrollment.

    For purposes of inter-district permits, “parent” is defined as the natural or adoptive parent or guardian, the person having legal custody, or other educational rights holder. A guardian must be appointed by the court and given educational rights in order to request an inter-district permit. Guardianship is only recognized through an official court order for either temporary or permanent guardianship.

    School District of Residence is defined as “the school district in which the parent of a pupil resides and in which the pupil would otherwise be required to enroll pursuant to the compulsory education requirements as specified in Section 48200”.

    School District of Proposed Enrollment means a school district other than the school district in which the parent of a pupil resides (school district of residence), but in which the parent of the pupil nevertheless intends to enroll the pupil.



    The Office of Permits and Student Transfers is responsible for the review and processing of all inter-district permit requests, either entering or leaving the LAUSD. School site officials cannot grant, deny or revoke inter-district permits for any student, including those with disabilities.


    Program Services

    • Review and process incoming and outgoing inter-district permit requests
    • Provide technical assistance to parents, schools, and district personnel on policies and procedures related to inter-district permits
    • Assist parents to access information on educational options within the LAUSD
    • Responsible for the revocation and denial of renewal permits
    • Review and respond to LAUSD appeals
    • Serve as the LAUSD representative at Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) Appeal Hearings and/or Board Meetings related to inter-district permits


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