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  • SENI Funds in 2021-22 

    To see the 2021-22 TSP and ESSER SENI Plans for each school, please click here. (Note that the District is following up with school leaders who have yet to complete their plans.)

    For the summary of SENI allocations to each school, please see here

    To see the data used to determine the SENI Score for each school in the District, along with the actual score and ranking for each school, please refer to the Open Data Catalog (see here). 

    To see the data (including COVID impact metrics) used to determine the SENI+ Score for each school in the District (in order to allocate an additional $298 million in ESSER funds to schools in alignment with the Board's Equity is Justice 2021 Resolution), please see here.

    • For the business rules for SENI+, please see here

    For principals: to explore resources for potential investments of SENI funds in 2021-22, see here.


    SENI Task Force

    Board Resolution 023-20/21 (Equity is Justice 2021) specified that: 

    [The] Superintendent will convene a taskforce to gather meaningful community input to inform the development of a support and evaluation plan for student outcomes as a result of SENI investments. The plan should be presented to the Board and public by June 2022.

    The evaluation plan should identify: 

    1. How the District will measure the impact of SENI funding on student outcomes,
    2. What support and assistance will be provided to school sites receiving funding to facilitate the effective and equitable use of SENI funding, and
    3. What additional and targeted budgeting support will be implemented for schools, communities of schools, or local districts that do not improve student outcomes starting in 2022-23.

    To see the Slide Decks and Resources from the SENI Task Force meetings, see below: 


    American Institutes for Research (AIR) Evaluation of SENI 

    In January of 2020, in order to evaluate the impacts and implementation of the Student Equity Needs Index (SENI) in Los Angeles Unified, the District entered into a contract with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) for a qualitative and quantitative mixed-methods study.

    To read the AIR report, as well as an executive summary (Spanish translation coming soon), please visit this link: https://tinyurl.com/LAUSD-AIR-SENI-Study