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Schools & Offices

  • The Transportation Services Division provides full service for 41,000 curricular and extra curricular bus trips annually.  In addition, the Division operates five major garage facilities servicing approximately 3,000 District-owned vehicles such as buses, trucks, autos, and vans. The Division is committed to providing the highest level of service for students, schools and offices.

    Buses for Field Trips

Step 1: Complete the Approval Signatures Form (Attachment H)

Step 2: Complete the K-12 Student TAP Card ApplicationSpanish

Step 3: Submit Attachment H and TAP Application to Transportation Services Division

Step 4: Review the TAP Instructions Manual to Load Passes & Link Cards to School Account


For additional information regarding this program, contact the Transportation Services Division Accounting Unit at 213-580-2917.

Additional resource: Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Student Bus Pass Program - REF-1111.0 


Guidelines and Responsibilities for Ordering Athletic Buses - BUL-2056.0

Procedures to Permit Parents/Guardians to Ride in School Buses - BUL-6398.0

Request for Special Transportation by School Bus - School Administrator Form 78.226 

(Click here for Form in Spanish)


Have a question regarding the acceptable use of District-owned vehicles? Please review: 

District-Owned Vehicles, Policies, Procedures and Responsibilites - BUL-6401.1

For questions regarding the policy and procedure of acquiring a new District vehicle, please review: 

Policy and Responsibilities for the Purchase of all Vehicles including the use of Hybrid or Alternative Energy Vehicles for District Fleet - BUL-4143.0




For those inquiring about requests for LADOT parking placards: the application window is now closed, but for those who were unable to submit an application during this period we hope to provide another opportunity shortly. Please continue to check this website for the next placard request opportunity.


Thank you