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Schools & Offices

  • The Transportation Services Division provides full service for 41,000 curricular and extra curricular bus trips annually.  In addition, the Division operates five major garage facilities servicing approximately 3,000 District-owned vehicles such as buses, trucks, autos, and vans. The Division is committed to providing the highest level of service for students, schools and offices.

    Buses for Field Trips

Step 1: Complete the Approval Signatures Form (Attachment H)

Step 2: Complete the K-12 Student TAP Card ApplicationSpanish

Step 3: Submit Attachment H and TAP Application to Transportation Services Division

Step 4: Review the TAP Instructions Manual to Load Passes & Link Cards to School Account


For additional information regarding this program, contact the Transportation Services Division Accounting Unit at 213-580-2917.

Additional resource: Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Student Bus Pass Program - REF-1111.0 


Guidelines and Responsibilities for Ordering Athletic Buses - BUL-2056.0

Procedures to Permit Parents/Guardians to Ride in School Buses - BUL-6398.0

Request for Special Transportation by School Bus - School Administrator Form 78.226 

(Click here for Form in Spanish)


Have a question regarding the acceptable use of District-owned vehicles? Please review: 

District-Owned Vehicles, Policies, Procedures and Responsibilites - BUL-6401.1

For questions regarding the policy and procedure of acquiring a new District vehicle, please review: 

Policy and Responsibilities for the Purchase of all Vehicles including the use of Hybrid or Alternative Energy Vehicles for District Fleet - BUL-4143.0




For those inquiring about requests for LADOT parking placards, the annual application window is currently closed. Please continue to check this website for the next placard request opportunity.


Thank you.