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    Mission Statement

    IDEC will provide intensive, evidence-based reading interventions for students with disabilities to facilitate successful lifelong literacy.

    History and Goals
    IDEC classes were established by the Division of Special Education throughout the District, to implement innovative evidence-based approaches to reading and writing for students with disabilities who have not responded to previous interventions.

    University partnerships have been established to encourage the sharing of best practice in the field of education. IDEC classrooms serve to be exemplars of literacy instruction for District and University personnel. 


    Our Teachers...

    • Provide evidence-based intervention in reading and writing
    • Are selected based on their unique skills, knowledge, and experience
    • Use a structured literacy approach that is systematic, cumulative, and diagnostic
    • Collaborate with staff in partner schools to share effective strategies
    • Emphasize meta-cognitive strategies and differentiation of instruction for students
    • Monitor student progress regularly in order to target instruction
    • Participate in frequent training to enhance their instructional expertise and knowledge
    • Use interactive technology and web-based programs to support learning
    • Monitor student progress regularly in order to target instruction 

    Our Students ...

    • Are struggling readers who demonstrate significant difficulty word level reading
    • Are in grades 2-8 working on the Common Core State Standards
    • Often return to a less restrictive environment as determined by student data and the IEP team after receiving intensive literacy intervention
    • Are identified for IDEC through an application process by a school referral
    • Receive a battery of diagnostic reading assessments to determine their areas of strength and academic need
    • Become engaged learners who develop effective study skills that support their ongoing success in school
    • Develop compensatory skills including the use of assistive technology to increase classroom engagement, improve study skills and enhance ongoing success 

Request for Student Screening for IDEC

Please be sure to review our student selection guidelines. Students that participate in IDEC instruction must meet the following criteria: 

1) A current or In Process IEP

2) An attendance rate review/consideration

3) Is currently on the General Education curriculum

4) Be currently in 2nd grade to 7th grade

5) Scored consistently in the intensive range on reading decoding and/or word attack on periodic assessment measures

6) Has Not MET ELA standards on SBAC state wide testing

7) Participated in 2 previous documented interventions 

For LAUSD Employees Only
Follow this link to request a student screening for a student attending a school site that has an IDEC Center. 

Microsoft Forms IconClick on the image to access the form.

For LAUSD Employees Only
Follow this link to request a student screening for a student NOT attending a school site that has an IDEC Center. 

Microsoft Forms IconClick on the image to access the form.

For LAUSD Employees Only
Follow this link to request a student screening for a student case in Informal Dispute Resolution, Mediation or Due Process. 

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Click on the image to access the form.

IDEC Resources

Where are IDEC school sites located?
IDEC school sites are located at 22 school sites throughout the district from grades K-12. 

Telfair Elementary School, Noble Elementary School, Madison Middle School, Mount Gleason Middle School

Sutter Middle School, Napa Elementary School

Norwood Elementary, Burbank Middle School, Clinton Middle School, Virgil Middle School

Belvedere Elementary School, Gates St Elementary, Montevista Elementary School, 4th Street Elementary School, Montara Elementary School, Hollenbeck Middle School, Nightingale Middle School

De La torre Elementary, 135th Street Elementary School, Peary Middle School, Wilmington Middle School

Marvin Elementary, Ramona Elementary School, Mann Middle School, Mark Twain Middle School

In collaboration with IDEC, Accelerated Literacy Academy sites include:
59th Street Elementary School, 109th Street Elementary School , Pacific Avenue Elementary School, The New Charles L. Drew Middle School, Bret Harte Middle School 


IDEC Brochure

   Intensive Diagnostic Educational Centers

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PDF Icon  IDEC: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Recursos de IDEC (ESPAÑOL)

IDEC Brochure

   Centros Educativos de Invención Intensiva



¿Dónde están ubicados los planteles escolares de IDEC?
Los sitios escolares de IDEC están ubicados en 22 sitios escolares en todo el distrito desde los grados K-12.

Escuela Primaria Telfair, Escuela Primaria Noble, Escuela Intermedia Madison, Escuela Intermedia Mount Gleason

Escuela Secundaria Sutter, Escuela Primaria Napa

Escuela Primaria Norwood, Escuela Intermedia Burbank, Escuela Intermedia Clinton, Escuela Intermedia Virgil

Escuela Primaria Belvedere, Escuela Primaria Gates St, Escuela Primaria Montevista, Escuela Primaria 4th Street, Escuela Primaria Montara, Escuela Intermedia Hollenbeck, Escuela Intermedia Nightingale

Escuela Primaria De La Torre, Escuela Primaria 135th Street, Escuela Intermedia Peary, Escuela Intermedia Wilmington

Escuela Primaria Marvin, Escuela Primaria Ramona, Escuela Intermedia Mann, Escuela Intermedia Mark Twain

En colaboración con IDEC, los sitios de Accelerated Literacy Academy incluyen:
Escuela Primaria 59th Street, Escuela Primaria 109th Street, Escuela Primaria Pacific Avenue, Escuela Intermedia The New Charles L. Drew, Escuela Intermedia Bret Harte

PDF Icon  Preguntas frecuentes sobre IDEC  (FAQ por la abreviatura en inglés)

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