• lightbulb Mastery Learning and Grading Virtual PD Options


    Virtual MLG PD Series:

    For school groups of twelve or more, the PD series entails six two-hour, virtual workshops scheduled approximately two to three weeks apart to allow participants time to reflect and engage in the eight hours of asynchronous online learning. Upon completion of all virtual workshops and asynchronous online learning, participants will earn MLG certification.   Please contact your local district's MLG coach to for more information about virtual MLG PD Series options.


    Virtual Salary Point Classes:

    Mastery Learning and Grading Salary Point Classes meet virtually on six Saturdays for two and a half hours, and also include 30 hours of asynchronous online learning.  Participants who successfully complete the course requirements will earn 1 Salary Point Credit.  To enroll on MyPLN, search keywords “mastery salary point.”  


    Asynchronous Online Learning:

    Please contact your local district's MLG coach for information on how to participate in the online learning. 


    Virtual Implementation Support (MLG certificated educators):

    These virtual sessions provide certified MLG teachers with an opportunity to get feedback and coaching on Mastery Learning and Grading learning targets, rubrics, assessments, syllabi, and gradebook set-up in Schoology in order to promote effective implementation of Mastery Learning and Grading practices.  This opportunity is for groups of 12 or more MLG certified educators at your school site or MLG educators can participate in their local district’s Implementation Support sessions. Please contact your local district's MLG coach to schedule Implementation Support sessions.


    unConferences (MLG certified educators):

    Using an unConference model, in which participants are not constrained by a rigid schedule of workshops and topics, this event will provide an opportunity for educators to collaborate, create, and showcase resources that can be used in their schools and classrooms to support learning and growth in all students.  Virtual option is coming soon.


    Facilitator Training:

    This 5 full day of training helps participants gain a deeper understanding of MLG.  Participants will be equipped to lead school-site teams through the MLG PD Series and build their compacity to support school-site implementation.  Participants must have approval from their administrator to participate and school sites are responsible for providing sub coverage, if necessary.  Virtual option is still being developed.


infographic on Certification