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  • English Learners

  • In LA Unified, we currently serve approximately 90,047 English Learners, which make up about 19% of our total student population.  All of the 90,047 students have their own story and their own journey, which embodies the diversity of L.A Unified School District.  

    To serve our English Learners’ socio-emotional and instructional needs, we first need to understand who they are:
    • Are they U.S.-born English Learners?
    • Are they newcomers?
    • Are they potentially Long-term-English Learners (LTELs) who have been unable to reclassify?
    • Might they have interrupted education? (Newcomers and LTELs)
    • Might they be English Learners with Disabilities?
    LA Unified takes the time to understand our English Learners and identify what they need to be successful in school. We tap into their cultural and linguistic assets, support their accelerated progress in learning English and content.  In collaboration with our families, students, educators and all stakeholders, we support our English Learners in graduating and becoming college and career ready. For more information, please see this English Learners information sheet.


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  • Helpdesk

    For families: (213) 443-1300
    For employees: (213) 241-2700
    The helpdesk is open 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday for any questions about Los Angeles Unified and the coronavirus pandemic.

    Student & family wellness:
    (213) 241-3840
    The helpdesk is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Please call for support with mental health, immunizations, health insurance, food & housing, enrollment, and more.