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  • Learning Options

  • Distance/Online Learning

    Instruction this fall will begin remotely to distance online learning. There are two basic ways students will learn: synchronously and asynchronously. Synchronous instruction is teaching that involves live interaction with your child’s teacher or other support provider in real time. Asynchronous instruction is teaching and learning that happens not in real time. This could be watching a pre-recorded video, learning through a digital program, or working on an independent activity. Online learning is available through your child’s school.


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  • Hybrid Instruction (Coming Soon)

    As soon as health authorities say that it is safe to return in small groups to campus, hybrid instruction may occur. Hybrid learning is an educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home. Educators teach remote and in-person students at the same time using tools like video conferencing hardware and software. In some cases, hybrid classes include asynchronous learning elements, like online exercises and pre-recorded video instruction, to support face-to-face classroom sessions.


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  • Short-term Independent Study (Available Now)

    Short-term independent study may be a good choice if students need more independence or if families want to take a larger role in teaching or coaching students with the coursework. This is a voluntary option available through a student’s school of enrollment.  
    A master agreement, detailing the policies, the assignments for each course for the period of independent study, and other requirements must be signed before the student can begin.
    Work is assigned by a teacher or out-of-the-classroom employee with the appropriate subject matter credential. While short-term independent study must be similar to the regular school program, there will not be daily live instruction or interaction, but instead a regular check-in with the teacher (e.g. at least weekly).

    Short-term independent study, from 5-90 days, may be requested through the school principal.


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  • Long-term Independent Study – City of Angels School (Available Now)

    If you are interested in working on your own more independently, and through a full-time independent study program, LA Unified offers a full-time, independent study program called City of Angels. This is a voluntary option.

    City of Angels is its own school, and you would leave the school you are currently enrolled in, to join the City of Angels school.

    For more information, please visit the City of Angels website.


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  • Helpdesk

    For families: (213) 443-1300
    For employees: (213) 241-2700
    The helpdesk is open 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday for any questions about Los Angeles Unified and the coronavirus pandemic.

    Student & family wellness:
    (213) 241-3840
    The helpdesk is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Please call for support with mental health, immunizations, health insurance, food & housing, enrollment, and more.