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  •  Accounts Payable (213) 241-4800

    The Accounts Payable Branch is responsible for processing payments for all non-payroll related expenditures for the District.  Payments are processed upon the receipt of all required documentation pertaining to the procurement transaction.  Generally, required documentation consist of a purchase order (PO) or a contract, goods receipt (GR), and vendor invoice (IR).  Once a payment is processed and approved by Accounts Payable, it would take approximately 2-3 days for a warrant to be issued by the Los Angeles County of Education (LACOE) and 1-2 days for the District to mail the warrant once it is received and verified.  

    Job Cost  Accounting Section (213) 241-2701

    The Job Cost Accounting Section staff maintains financial records which identify, control and distribute the cost of force account expenditures in the area of maintenance, reprographic services, transportation, information technology, and other functions where it is necessary to track expenditures by the specific "job" being performed.  Staff monitors and maintains records of expenditures of individual internal orders, monitors and controls overhead expenses, and establishes overhead and benefit rates in order to recover expenditures associated with force account services.  In addition, staff provides management reports and other information needed to control force account job and expenditure costs.