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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Los Angeles Unified is beginning the 2020-21 school year with online instruction to help decrease the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the risk for the school community. The situation remains fluid, and we will continue to keep you informed. The latest information will be posted on our website and this FAQ.

  • When does the 2020-21 school year begin?

  • Will classes be held in school or online?

  • What do I do if my child lacks a computer device or internet access?

  • How will instruction take place?

  • How does my child access Schoology?

  • What should my child do on the first day of school?

  • How do I get a QR code for my child?

  • How do I get an email/password for my child?

  • Who do I contact if my child’s device or hotspot breaks or malfunctions?

  • How do I stay connected to my child’s school?

  • Can I get help with questions about technology and supporting my child?

  • How can I support my child during times of Distance Learning?

  • What learning supports will be provided to elementary school students?

  • What learning supports will be provided to English-language learners?

  • What learning supports will be available for students struggling with their courses?

  • How do I sign up my child for tutoring and/or Saturday classes?

  • How will instruction be provided for students with disabilities or learning differences?

  • What learning supports will be provided to students in gifted programs and Schools for Advanced Studies?

  • Will magnet schools and centers provide themed instruction?

  • Will athletics take place in 2020-21?

  • Will before- and after-school enrichment programs be held?

  • Will Early Childhood Education Centers be open and providing instruction?

  • Will the Division of Adult and Career Education offer classes in 2020-21?

  • Will my child receive textbooks for class?

  • Will my child get an instrument for music class?

  • Will my child obtain materials for a visual arts class?

  • Who can I talk to if I have a question or concern?



  • Will meals be provided for students during this time of Distance Learning?

  • Will Los Angeles Unified provide childcare for working parents?

  • How do I enroll my child in Los Angeles Unified?

  • What immunizations are required for the 2020-21 school year?

  • Are Los Angeles Unified’s Wellness Centers open?



  • What precautions do I need to take if I visit my child’s campus?

  • What steps have been taken to increase safety at school facilities?

  • What happens if a student or school-site staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

  • What happens if a family member tests positive for COVID-19?



  • When will students and teachers be allowed to return to campus?

  • How will we be notified when students will return to school?

  • How will instruction take place when students return to school?

  • What types of precautions will be taken when school facilities reopen?