• Statement from Supt. Austin Beutner on the Derek Chauvin Verdict

    April 20, 2021

    Today’s jury verdict in the tragic killing of George Floyd is a reminder of the need for America to address the systemic bias and institutional racism which exists in many parts of society, including education. While justice was served today, it does not change the fact that a life was needlessly taken. Much has to change to avoid more tragedies like this one.

    Schools must be part of the solution. We don’t have all of the answers but are committed to making change. There will only be progress if all of us – schools, government agencies, philanthropy, business, labor and community organizations – work together on the change that’s needed.

    Teachers are being encouraged to create opportunities for students to listen and share their thoughts and perspectives about racial injustice, economic inequities, and historical trauma. We’ve added teachings and resources on the home page of the Los Angeles Unified website as a resource for the school community to discuss these difficult issues.

    Teachers and staff in our schools will do their best to help the students and families we serve, their own families and all in the school community in these difficult times.