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  • Anthony Aguilar
    Chief of Special Education, Equity and Access

    Tony Aguilar, Director


  • Mission

    Provide leadership, guidance, and support to the school community in order to maximize learning for all students within an inclusive environment so that each student will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society.


  • Dr. Maribel Luna
    Senior Director, Special Education

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  • Vision

    Inspire all students to reach their maximum potential as productive and responsible citizens.



SELPA Local Plan

SELPA Local Plan 2021-2024

The Los Angeles Unified School District is a single district SELPA, charged with providing a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to eligible students with disabilities within its jurisdictional boundaries. The SELPA’s Local Plan must be revised when there has been a change in Federal or State law or a change in the SELPA’s organization. Otherwise, it must be revised on a 3-year cycle. The Board adopted the SELPA’s Local Plan on May 11, 2021, for school years 2021-2024.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has advised the policy and administrative agency during the development of the Local Plan pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 56194. To ensure adequate and effective participation and communication pursuant to EC 56195.8, parent members of the CAC, or parents selected by the CAC, participated in the development and update of the Local Plan for special education.

A Local Plan Revision Advisory Committee was formed to review and give input to proposed changes in the SELPA Local Plan. A series of meetings were held and representatives on the Local Plan Revision Advisory Committee included parent representatives from the LAUSD CAC, members of the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA), and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), as well as staff from the Division of Special Education and SEIU Local 99 representing classified paraprofessionals.

Attached are the LAUSD Board approved SELPA Local Plan.  
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PDF icon Local Plan Section A: Contacts and Certifications

PDF icon Local Plan Section B: Governance and Administration

PDF icon Local Plan Section D: Annual Budget Plan

PDF icon Local Plan Section E: Annual Services Plan  

Feedback Received From CAC and Local Plan Advisory Committee 

PDF Icon Local Plan Feedback Received

Division of Special Education Fingertip Facts 2019-2020

  • — Special Education at a Glance —

    Type of Services 38
    Type of Services
    Students Served 81,062
    Students Served
    Number of Services 339,951
    Total Yearly
    Services Provided
    Source: 2019-20 CALPADS EOY 16.6 Report

    LAUSD SWDs 65,521
    LAUSD Students with Disabilities (SWDs)

    Elementary School 30,648
    Elementary School 

    Middle School Kids 11,905
    Middle School
    High School Students 14,010
    High School
     Source: Open Data for 2019-2020 SY

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