Title I COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Frequently asked questions about the Title I program and the use of funds during the COVID-19 period.  Please check back often as these FAQS may be updated as we move forward during this period. 

    Frequently Asked Questions Categories:

    • Title I Purchases: FAQ 1-9
    • School Site Council Approval: FAQ 9-11
    • School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA): FAQ 12-14
    • Time and Effort Documentation for Professional Development (PD), Intervention: FAQ 15-21
    • Repurposing Federal Equipment and Supplies for COVID-19 Distance Learning: FAQ 22

    (In light of the UTLA-LAUSD Side Letter for COVID-19, please check with your Staff Relations or the Office of Labor Relations if you have any questions regarding the contract and for questions regarding Title I-funded activities, please contact your Local District Title I Coordinators or Federal and State Education Program Office (213) 241-6990.) 

    For additional information, please contact Cathy Tomyoy at (213) 241-6990 or
    email to cathy.tomyoy@lausd.net