• Dear LAUSD Vendors,

    Due to the unfolding global health pandemic, the Los Angeles School District (LAUSD) is currently not accepting any appointments or site visits from vendors and staff alike until further notice.

    Should there be an urgent need for your company’s personnel to enter a LAUSD School Site or Office location we are requiring you to implement emergency screening procedures and prohibit any of your personnel that meet any of the following criteria from entering any District site/location: 

    • Traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days;
    • Experienced any fever or respiratory symptoms (i.e., severe cough or shortness of breath) within the past 14 days; or
    • Close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

    The emergency screening procedures apply to all vendors and personnel who access LAUSD school sites including, but not limited to, subcontractors of every tier, subconsultants, suppliers and vendors. 

    We thank you for being a valued partner and taking these necessary steps to help ensure the health and safety of all personnel.

    Los Angeles Unified School District

    Procurement Services Division