Forms for Current Employees

Downloadable Documents and Forms

Assignment Areas Map

Assignment Area Map to be used as reference with PC Form 5005 - Request for Transfer (Change of work location) and PC Form 5004.

Change of Assignment Request PC Form 5004

Change of Assignment (COA) Form.

Request for change of classified assignment (shift, basis, time, status, and classification). This is not a request for transfer form.

Employee File Request Form - PC 8102

Document description appears here

Leave of Absence Packet

Leave of Absence forms for Classified Staff.

Notice of Intent to Return to Work - PC Form 5178

To be completed by all classified employees returning from a formal leave of absence. The employee must notify his/her location as soon as possible but no less than 24 hours prior to his/her return date.

Position Leave PC Form 6003

Form for permanent, classified employees to request temporary leave to another position.

Reinstatement Request PC Form 5126

Form to request to be reinstated after resigning from the District.

Resignation / Retirement PC Form 5209

Resignation form for classified employees (resignation and retirement).

Restoration to Eligibility List Request PC Form 5189

Form to request to be restored to eligibility list (usually after a voluntary demotion).

Retirement Acknowledgment PC Form 5301

Form for retirees who wish to return to work as a sub after being retired for 6 months.

Temporary Application PC Form 6003

Application for temporary work.

Transfer Request (Change of Work Location) PC Form 5005

Request for Transfer. This is a change of work location only.