Forms for management

Forms most commonly used by administrators and managers.

Downloadable Documents and Forms

Bilingual Differential, Form 6421

Request for Bilingual Differential or Selective Certification for Bilingual Skills.

Change of Assignment Request PC Form 5004

Change of Assignment (COA) Form.

Request for change of classified assignment (shift, basis, time, status, and classification). This is not a request for transfer form.

Confidentiality Rodda Act PC Form 38

Form for confidential employees.

Info, Instructions and Conditions of Employment for Classified Substitutes - PC 5312

Contains the conditions of employment for classified substitutes.

Leave of Absence Packet

Leave of Absence forms for Classified Staff.

Multiple Assignments Request - PC From 5108

This form can be used to request multiple assignments for an employee who is currently working in another classification. Normally, only certain part-time employees combined with certain classifications are eligible for multiple assignments.

Nepotism Certification Form - PC 5109

Form used to acknowledge and certify that anyone being hired for a regular or substitute position is not related to a cohabitant of anyone currently working at the location.

Non-Routine Payment Request PC Form 9074 Over $5000

To request a non-routine payment to compensate an employee who worked outside of applicable rules concerning the hiring, selection and assignment processes.

Non-Routine Payment Request PC Form 9074 Under $5000

To request a non-routine payment to compensate an employee who worked outside of applicable rules concerning the hiring, selection and assignment processes.

Notice of Intent to Return to Work - PC Form 5178

To be completed by all classified employees returning from a formal leave of absence. The employee must notify his/her location as soon as possible but no less than 24 hours prior to his/her return date.

Notice of Outstanding Work Performance PC Form 8254

To provide an official record of commendation for outstanding, day-to-day performance of an employee or outstanding work performance in unusually difficult and/or exceptional situations.

Position Leave PC Form

Form for permanent, classified employees to request temporary leave to another position.

Reinstatement Request PC Form 5126

Form to request to be reinstated after resigning from the District.

Request for Personnel Action (RPA) Form 9073

Request for Personnel Action.

Resignation / Retirement PC Form 5209

Form used for resignation and retirement from classified employment

Retirement Acknowledgment PC Form 5301

Form for retirees who wish to return to work as a temporary relief employee.

Step Placement Form PC Form 5115

The Step Placement form is used to request an external candidate (non-District employee) be hired in at a higher step than Step 1. For MANAGEMENT, PROFESSIONAL, ADMINISTRATIVE CLASSIFICATION (See PC RULE 584)

Substitute Unsatisfactory Report PC 5310

To report unsatisfactory service of a substitute employee.

Temporary Application PC Form 6003

Application for temporary work.

Transfer Request (Change of Work Location) PC Form 5005

Request for Transfer. This is a change of work location only.

Unauthorized Absence Worksheet PC Form 5096

Form for site administrators to report unauthorized absences of employees.