• Emergency Drills and Exercises

    NOTE DATE CHANGES: To minimize potential impacts to schools after October 15th, The Office of Emergency Management is modifying some October drill dates. The districtwide radio test will occur on October 12 and the all-call communications test will occur during the week of October 11. To maximize flexibility for schools, the Shakeout earthquake exercise can be completed any date and time during the month of October.

    Upcoming Districtwide Emergency Drills

    •  The 2021 Fall Semester Districtwide EARTHQUAKE ShakeOut Drill may take place on any date in the month of October (including the previously scheduled date time of on Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 10:15 a.m.).  On-campus staff at LA Unified sites should Drop-Cover-Hold On and review other emergency actions during that week. Students and staff participating in remote learning are encouraged to participate and Drop-Cover-Hold on - this is an excellent chance to practice proper procedures from a different location and ShakeOut posters make great Zoom backgrounds (save as jpg)!
    • Reference Guide 5803.5 Emergency Procedures, Drills, and District-Wide Emergency Exercises is now  available on the LAUSD Emergency Documents page of the Emergency Services website.
    • DATE CHANGE: The 2021 Fall Semester Radio Test will take place on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. The updated Emergency Radio Communication Tree is available. A communications test of all District employee and parent/guardian phone numbers will also be conducted that day via Blackboard Connect. Please calendar these drills.

    Complete an Emergency Drill Evaluation at emergencydrills.lausd.net after each emergency drill and radio test. For best results, complete the emergency drill evaluation online using a cell phone. Responses may also be documented on the Emergency Drill Evaluation Worksheet and then entered onto the online drill evaluation system after the drill using a desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone.

    Schools should maintain a record of all their emergency drills. Both the Fire Department and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety audit and issue citations to schools for failure to comply with the mandated drill schedule. Schools can follow the reference guide, "Emergency Drills and Procedures." The Emergency Drill Frequency Chart includes the types of required drill and how often they must be conducted at each grade level to meet requirements.
    New Resource: Emergency Drill Table Fall 2021 October-December Includes revised dates listed above.
    Emergency Drill Frequency Chart 
    Letter templates informing parents of a Districtwide emergency drill:
    Triage Kit for School Drills
    Use the  Emergency Drill Triage Kit to make your disaster drills a bit more challenging. The kit includes 40 numbered tags have different injuries printed on them and otyher materials, so that your Search and Rescue and Triage teams can practice their skills. Hand out the tags to selected students before the drill, and then during the drill check to see if the "victims" are found, identified, and taken to the appropriate location. By exercising the system, teachers will learn and practice the skills that will help them in a real disaster. The victim tags fit into a standard-size plastic name badge.