• FINAL GLOBAL HEALING – Help Please and Let's All Go Home!!! – Healing and  Love

    We live in a global community. Our friends, neighbors, colleagues and allies beautifully represent different parts of the world.  As we come together as school communities it is critical that we take time to recognize the impact global crises may have on our school communities.  Here, please find resources to support members of your school communities who may be impacted by crises occuring around the globe.  Concerned about a crisis you don't see listed here?  Please e-mail our team!

Calendar of Commemorative Dates and Observances 2020-2021

  • The purpose of this calendar is to assist in the planning of school and work events. The increasingly pluralistic population of the United States creates diverse working and learning communities. This Calendar of Commemorative Dates and Observances is offered as a tool to enhance understanding, respect, awareness among various religious, ethnic and cultural groups in our school communities, to be a resource for schools to incorporate these dates into their instructional activities, and for reference in scheduling school activities.  We invite the community to advise us in errors of commission or omission.


    MEM-5466.10 Calendar of Commemorative Dates 8.12.20

    Attachment A - Calendar Commemorative and Observances, School Year 2020-21


    The Human Relations, Diversity & Equity team is working to cultivate resources for holidays and commemorations.  Please note, the events on the calendar below marked with a ♥ have additional resources available. Simply click on the event to view.  

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