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    FINAL GLOBAL HEALING – Help Please and Let's All Go Home!!! – Healing and  Love

    We live in a global community. Our friends, neighbors, colleagues and allies beautifully represent different parts of the world.  As we come together as school communities, it is critical that we take time to recognize the impact global crises may have on our school communities.  Here, please find resources to support members of your school communities who may be impacted by crises occurring around the globe.  These Current Event resources have been curated by Human Relations, Diversity & Equity as a supplemental resource. Human Relations strives to include all voices in the belief that sharing our stories promotes understanding and respect.  Please direct any recommendations for content to

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    Talking to Students about Current Events

    There are a plethora of ways to work global current events into the daily classroom routine.  The articles below may help educators find creative ways to integrate current events into the curriculum.  

    Teaching Current Events in the Age of Social Media - Edutopia

    Current Events in your Classroom - Facing History & Ourselves

    Seven Ways to Bring Current Events Into the Classroom - Education Week

    Teaching About Current Events - Educators 4 Social Change



    Keeping Up With Current Events

    Please find some great sites below for educators interested in catching current events as they happen. 

     The Learning Network: Current Events - The New York Times

    Kids Press - Scholastic

    Lesson Plans by Topic - AllSides for Schools



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