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    Whole Child Integrated Data - General Questions

Whole Child is a data analytics tool that provides teachers and other school staff with accessible and timely information to drive student and school site decisions (e.g., instructional, student support, and administrative).  Whole Child integrates information from numerous student related and other information systems and data sources such as MiSiS, Welligent, Schoology, SAP, and State and local summative and formative assessments, yielding a powerful reporting tool that can be used individually or collaboratively by teachers, counselors, and administrators.   

Key features include: 

  • Flexibility to quickly and easily filter and analyze up to three years of critical information (both proficiency and progress) at the school, program, classroom, group, and student level. 
  • Actionable notifications to acknowledge student improvements and recognize and address student challenges. 
  • Extensive and holistic, academic achievement, social emotional and physical health information at the fingertips of the school team, including literacy assessments, Special Ed., English Learner, marks, graduation progress, college and career readiness, attendance, behavioral information, support services, online learning participation, and Schoology assignments, assessments and grades 

Whole Child was created to streamline and improve information gathering and analysis, collaboration and decision making in service of instruction and support for the well-being and achievement of students.  The purpose was and remains to support the work of those closest to students and the school community: teachers, counselors, principals, and other school-based staff. 


Employees are not required to use Whole Child. It is a powerful tool provided to streamline data-gathering activities and accelerate the use of data in planning, monitoring and decision making at LA Unified schools.  

Whole Child is LAUSD’s latest and most advanced reporting tool focused on schools.  It contains up to three years of information and is being expanded to provide additional remote learning data sources.  School-based staff and the administrators who oversee schools are encouraged to start first with Whole Child to meet their information needs and then move to MyData, MyTeam, or Focus as needed.

Central office staff and Local District and Community of Schools staff that need data aggregated across schools should continue to use Focus Reporting & Dashboards for that purpose. 



Go to the ITD Help Desk  for technical issues or questions. Live chat, telephone, and online, software application ticket submission options are available.   

For general questions about Whole Child, send an email to wholechild@lausd.net or use the Feedback Form, and your question will be routed to the appropriate subject matter expert.  

Google Chrome is the only supported Internet browser at this time; use the latest version.  (Do not use Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer.)  You may download the required browser here: https://www.google.com/chrome/. 


You may use a laptop, desktop, or Google Chromebook; other devices are not currently supported.   


  • Whole Child Integrated Data - Access Questions

Automatic access aligned with one’s job classification is granted to most school-based certificated staff such as teachers, instructional coaches, counselors, RSP teachers, principals, and assistant principals, as well as itinerant teachers.  Automatic access is also provided to a variety of Local District (LD) staff, including LD Superintendent, Administrator of Instruction, Administrator of Operations, LD Director, and Community of Schools Administrator.  However, data in Whole Child is school-centric and is not aggregated to a higher level such as community of schools or local district. 

Data is available in Whole Child for all LAUSD K-12 schools, including dependent charter and partnership schools.  

Automatic access aligned with one’s job classification is granted to most school-based certificated staff such as teachersinstructional coaches, counselors, RSP teachers, principalsassistant Principals, as well as itinerant teachers.  Automatic access is also provided to a variety of Local District (LD) staff, including LD Superintendent, Administrator of Instruction, Administrator of Operations, LD Director, and Community of Schools Administrator.  

Go to the home page of this website and click on the login link to try logging in. If you are unable to log in or require different access, you may request access as described in the question below. 


If you do not have automatic access, you must submit an access request via the oneAccess portal (https://oneaccess.lausd.net); and then an administrator must approve it. 

To find a description of user roles and steps for completing the process, follow the instructions in the job aid, Request Access to Whole Child Integrated Data, located on the User Guides & Information page of this website, under Quick Links > Professional Development Resources. (SSO is required to access the page.) 


Once your administrator approval is received in oneAccess, your account is typically provisioned within two business days. 

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The platform is fully operational. 


Whole Child may be unavailable from 6:00pm-1:00am while regular updates and maintenance are performed. Users may also experience performance issues between 9:00pm-6:00am while data files are being updated.

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Go to oneAccess to Request Access to the Platform

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