• Compliance and Performance Monitoring Legal Services Team

     The Compliance and Performance Monitoring (CPM) team is charged with ensuring the District is conducting its business in serving LAUSD students, particularly students with disabilities, in compliance with the Modified Consent Decree; meeting the District’s obligations to comply with federal and state special education laws and regulations; and meeting compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II program accessibility requirements. In order to meet the District’s obligations, including those after disengagement from the Modified Consent Decree, substantial compliance is viewed from a student-focused and student-centered perspective.  In the context of educating and serving LAUSD students, compliance leads to increased student outcomes and supporting student success. The Team’s work involves in-depth data analysis concerning Districtwide IDEA and ADA Title II compliance for liability mitigation purposes and mitigation plan proposals to District Divisions, the General Counsel, Superintendent and Board of Education. In addition, the team develops internal procedures for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing information to provide performance monitoring reports and guidance materials related to achieving key performance indicators; identifying Districtwide compliance and performance issues; implementing appropriate solutions; receiving and resolving compliance complaints; and providing program accessible schools and facilities. The student-centered focus of this team is dedicated to protecting the civil rights of students with disabilities, thereby increasing the District’s ability to self-monitor through an internal District team while reducing the need for external oversight.

    Mission Statement

    The Compliance and Performance Monitoring team is committed to supporting the District’s efforts to self-monitor while focusing on improving educational outcomes for students with disabilities and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.


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    P: (213) 241-7600

    F: (213) 375-3159

    Deneen Cox

    Chief Compliance &

    Performance Monitoring Counsel