Unpaid Balance
  • How does an individual or an agency donate money?

    Preparing the Donation
    An individual or agency provides:

    • Check or money order payable to the Los Angeles Unified School District.
    • A letter of intent or a written notation on the check/money order stating
      • The name of the school(s) or student(s) that the money is to be applied to their student unpaid meal account.
      • The dollar amount (if one donation is to go towards two or more accounts, please specify.)
    • Donor’s contact information **All donors will remain confidential to the intended school or student, but will be listed on LAUSD paperwork as a requirement for processing the donation.**
      • Name of individual or agency
      • Email Address
      • Mailing Address
      • Telephone Number

    Submitting the Donation
    Donor may mail or hand-deliver donation to either

    • CENTRAL OFFICE (mail or hand-deliver) OR
      Food Services Division (FSD) Attn:  Ann Marie Marmolejo

      333 S. Beaudry Avenue, 28th Floor
      Los Angeles, CA  90017
      The FSM will be responsible to forward the donation and paperwork to the Division office.  FSMs may hand-deliver the donation and paperwork to Ann Marie Marmolejo or place in her inbox for processing.

    Receipt / Acknowledgement
    LAUSD Food Services Division provides donor:

    • Thank You! letter to the individual or agency for their generous donation.
    • Copy of the donor’s check; copy of the donor’s letter of intent (if applicable)
    • LAUSD’s Tax ID Number which signifies the District as a charitable organization for purposes related to donations.

    Contact Ann Marie Marmolejo at 213-241-2993 or ann.marmolejo@lausd.net.

    *Please note that all students receive a full lunch meal daily whether or not they have money to pay the Food Service Worker or have money in their account.
    The student’s account is charged if there is no payment,
    thus, generating a meal account balance.


    FOOD SERVICES DIVISION - CENTRAL OFFICE, 333 S. Beaudry Ave., 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017-5141
    (213) 241-6419 or (213) 241-2993 • Fax (213) 241-8464 • http://achieve.lausd.net/cafela


    This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.