Safe Schools Task Force

  • The Safe Schools Task Force (SSTF) was created in response to the LAUSD Board Resolution Safeguarding our schools:  Demanding Common Sense Gun Laws and Best Practices to Protect our Students and Staff (Res-030-17/18). The SSTF includes community groups, parent groups, law enforcement partners, students, school staff, labor partners, and District personnel.  The SSTF is divided into six sub-committees tasked with reviewing existing District safety policies, developing metrics to determine policy progress and effectiveness, creating strategies to improve upon existing policies, and make recommendations for new programs.  The six sub-committees are:

    1. Los Angeles School Police Department and LAUSD Emergency Services Division
    2. Student Health and Human Services
    3. District Operations
    4. Campus Safety Product Evaluations
    5. Facilities Services
    6. School Climate

    The SSTF meets quarterly to review progress and develop strategies to address safety issues impacting LAUSD.  Examples of topics reviewed are:

    • Gun violence prevention
    • Review of administrative procedures for active gunfire incidents
    • Response to Active Shooter Incidents
    • Supporting peaceful, safe, age-appropriate activities, demonstrations, or other expressions of opinion related to school safety that protect student rights
    • Increase staffing levels for school psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, assistant principals, supervision support staff, and school police
    • Develop best practices for emergency scenarios
    • Training for school site personnel on safety preparedness, prevention, threat assessment, intervention
    • School site drills that are age-appropriate for students

    Gun Violence Prevention Resources:

    LAUSD Resources

    • 24-Hour Anonymous Weapons Hotline 1-800-954-HELP. Through the Los Angeles School Police Department 24-hour hotline, you may anonymously report any school safety concerns including those involving guns or other weapons. Immediately call 9-1-1 for all emergencies.
    • Safe Gun Storage Letter to LAUSD Parents
    • School Safety Video PSA View a one-minute video featuring LASPD Chief, Steve Zipperman.
    • Weapon-Free Schools Posters This link provides various posters promoting weapon-free schools.

    Non-LAUSD Resources:

    Gun Storage Legal References:

    • City of Los Angeles Safe Gun Storage statute makes it a crime to have a handgun within a residence unless the handgun is stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock approved by the California Department of Justice.
    • California Safe Gun Storage State statute makes it a crime to store a loaded firearm on any premises under your control, knowing or reasonably should have known, a child is likely to gain access to the firearm, and the child gains access causing death or great bodily injury.  

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  • The SSTF is available to all community stakeholders, District staff, students, and others who are interested in joining our team.  For further information, please contact Lieutenant Aaron Pisarzewicz, Los Angeles School Police Department at 213-202-4554 or email at  Lt. Pisarzewicz will assist with coordinating you with an existing sub-committee that best suits your interests in developing school safety strategies.