Visual Impairment Program (VI)

  • The Visually Impaired (VI) program provides services ranging from VI itinerant services to students in general education classrooms; service in a VI special day program on a general education campus; itinerant services for students at a special education school and the school for the Visually Impaired. Additional support services include Orientation and Mobility, Braille transcription and reader services for the blind. Eligibility is based on a medial report from an eye doctor and an assessed need for intervention. The Frances Blend School is the District's special school for visually impaired students from preschool through elementary grades who require intensive services, individualized and small group instruction and specialized materials and equipment.

    Position Paper:

    Blind/Partially Sighted (BPS) - Visual Impairment (VI) - Fall 2016


    Assessment and Eligibility Information:

    REF-5527.0 - Visually Impaired (VI) Program: Referral, Assessment and Scope of Service


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    For more information, contact Kim Miller, Coordinator, Low Incidence Programs:


    (213) 241-8051