• GO East LA

    With Mónica García's bold call for "Diplomas for All,", García has successfully championed innovative school reform models and led the campaign for a $7 billion school bond, the largest in US history. Here, she visits kindergarteners at Euclid Elementary where they receive an acceptance letter to Cal State LA as part of the GO East LA program.


    Malabar Elementary School Green Outdoor Learning Center

    Board President Mónica García attends the opening of the new Green Outdoor Learning Center at Malabar Elementary. Featuring lots of outdoor open space with natural features, students will be able to run and play to enter the classroom ready to learn.  One of the many investments into our schools and families!


    UCLA DACA Forum

    On March 5th, UCLA students organized an Immigration Forum following the termination of DACA in efforts to call for government officials to work on a comprehensive immigration reform. Featuring a multitude of guest speakers, Board President Mónica García was in attendance in to encourage attendees to remember the value of diversity and a collective strength in the face of adversity.

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    Power California - Youth Voting

    In partnership with Power California, hundreds of L.A. Unified Seniors voted in the 2018 midterm elections, making important decisions that impact their city and state.


    GO East expansion to all East LA schools

    Since the program's conception in 2014, all East Los Angeles schools have been enrolled into the GO East LA Program, where their spots in local colleges are secure as long as they meet the minimum requirements!

    Schools and Communities First 2020 Funding Initiative

    Board of Education unanimously approves resolution in support of the 2020 Initiative that will bring billions of dollars to schools and local service organizations.

    Schools and Communities First

    2020 Census Resolution - All students and families must be counted!

    Anahuacalmecac is approved

    ...allowing for the only indigenous school in Los Angeles to continue to operate and serve our community.