• Immigration Resolution: May 9, 2017

    “As we celebrate the contributions of the Latino community in this nation, I want to recognize those still in the shadows including many of whom are children,” said Board Member Mónica García. “Our immigration system is broken and our communities have waited long enough. President Barack Obama, there is still time to fulfill the promise you made for comprehensive immigration reform.”

    Board member Mónica García, who also sponsored the resolution, said the new guidelines clarify the district’s position, “offering greater detail.”

    “These are commitments we have already made,” she said.


    Mónica García Replaces Rodriguez

    Ref Rodriguez stepped down from his position of President of the Board due to campaign violation charges and the Board voted to elect Mónica García as the new president. With a vote of 4-3, Mónica García, the longest-serving current board member, became president once again (previously president from July 2007 through June 2013) and appointed Nick Melvoin as the Vice-President.


    California Schools Are Sanctuaries Coalition

    Sanctuary Schools

    GO Central City

    “We have developed this partnership so all of you here today have the opportunity to go to college,” said School Board Member Mónica García, who represents schools in Central and East Los Angeles. “We believe in you, and we believe in your dreams to make that happen.”

    GO Central City

    GO Tech Central

    Go Tech Central

    Tech Central Students

    Why is it Important to Re-Elect Monica?

    For decades, communities of color have demanded more and better access to a quality education that prepares students for college and beyond. In Ms. García, they found an ally and a champion. She has been at the forefront of every fight to advance educational justice. – Maria Brenes (LA Opinión) 03.01.2017

    Accomplishments of Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)

    Data: 2012 – Today.

    What’s been the increase in participation in breakfast district wide? We went from 29% participation to 87% participation, district-wide. We increased the number of breakfasts served by over 200,000 daily.

    How much money did it generate and jobs that it kept district wide? We generate over $112 million in revenue with the BIC program and have help saved over 900 jobs.

    How many student jobs did BIC produce? For example at the RFK UCLA campus, students were employed by the school to help carry the Breakfast carts to the lower levels of the school where the elementary students were located. Do you have any other examples of other schools that have been able to hire students to support with BIC? As of right now, RFK is the only example I have heard. We can send out a request for additional stories. We have provided over $4 million in incentive monies back to schools, so there may be more out there that have provided funds to students.

    Is it possible to relate Breakfast in the Classroom to academic student improvement? Yes, but at this time we only have data on improved attendance, decreases in tardiness and less trips to the nurse’s office. I will reach out to Dr. Lim’s office for more academic information.