• GO East LA Partnership Expands to 25 Schools

    “There is a new choice. There are people who care and want to make sure you graduate and succeed,” said Board Member Mónica García, who represents the district where the academies are located. “We are expecting each of you to graduate and come back and help us help others.”

    “We are thrilled to have student leaders from across the Eastside here with us today, because this is a day to celebrate,” Board Member Mónica García told students. “Eastside, we are calling on you to show your talent, to live your dreams, to get up whenever you stumble, because our amazing partners here with me today are interested in changing the world with you. We know that you are ready and you will be the ones who are going to change the world as part of GO East LA.”

    GO East Expansion

    GO East LA College Workshop

    At the Cal State LA campus, Monica Garcia attends a college success workshop with over 300 community members to learn more about the GO East LA program. At the workshop, parents and students learned more about the admittance requirements, application process and build a foundation of college awareness and college success.


    Resolution to Affirm the District Responsibility to Protect and Preserve Schools

    Whereas, The core values of the LAUSD are 1) that the most important responsibility of all District employees is the safety of our students; 2) that no person who presents a recognized threat to the physical or emotional health of students will knowingly be allowed to come into contact with children in our care; and 3) that in balancing the safety of our students against the rights of adults, children will always come first.

    Expansion for Camps for College

    “We like seeing the county mental health services, probation and all these different agencies come together to see fewer kids in camp and more at graduation,” said Board Member Garcia, who helped push for the program. “We like leading and learning. Well done!”

    Camps for College

    Parent Center Champion

    Recognizing the importance of parent involvement in a child's education, Monica Garcia has focused on renovating parent centers across the district. Citing that increased community engagement increases higher student attendance, Garcia hopes that the Parent Center's will advance the movement to better test scores and increased graduation rates.

    Parent Center

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    Mónica García's Apology Letter for 1033

    Letter to Community