• Kids First

    More than 500 student leaders joined LAUSD Board Member Mónica García at the 2nd Annual Kids First! Student Empowerment Conference. Keynote speech delivered by Lt. Col. Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch (ret.) and students had 17 workshops focused on student leadership and college readiness. Board District 2 in LAUSD has been the epicenter of historic student activism. From the East L.A. Chicano Walkouts to the fight for the Equitable LCFF funding to our most needed schools, student leaders spur radical change in LAUSD. In that same spirit, the Kids First! Student Empowerment Conference continues the march towards educational justice and 100% graduation.

    Kids First

    GO East LA

    Promoting GO East LA and her 100% Graduation "Diplomas for All" Initiative, Mónica García presents the students of the Graduating Class of 2027 at Brooklyn ES and Humphrey's ES their letters of acceptance to local colleges in the East Side, as they are guaranteed a seat in the college's incoming class upon their graduation from high school so long as they complete the minimum requirements.


    LAUSD Unanimously Approves García's Resolution to Re-Commit to A-G for All

    “Our community’s demand is loud and clear: A-G is the path to graduation in LAUSD. We believe our children are capable of achieving their potential and that every child, with the proper academic support, can become a college and career ready LAUSD graduate,” said García. “We continue to move forward towards 100 percent graduation.”

    Keep the Promise

    Approval of the $15 Minimum Wage SEIU Local 99

    "I am proud to support a labor agreement that leads the nation in achieving educational and economic justice. We are modeling the highest levels of trust among labor and management; interrupting the cycle of poverty and increasing support to employees and families. By investing in our workforce and parents, we are investing in the families of LAUSD and building the fabric that strengthens the conditions for learning and movement towards 100% graduation."


    $137 Million to Roosevelt High School

    “We love Boyle Heights and we stand with our students,” said LAUSD Board Member Mónica García. “We must repair and restore the campus that is the heartbeat of our community and honor the transformation that happens at Roosevelt High School.”