• Breakfast in the Classroom

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    Breakfast in the Classroom

    Passport to Success

    In efforts to improve family engagement and increase learning opportunities for students during school breaks, Mónica García and LAUSD worked alongside Families in Schools and other community partners to expand the Passport to Success Campaign. The summer learning initiative will provide families the opportunity to visit museums and other educational environments at a free or low cost.

    Passport to Success Program

    Monica wins Sixth one year term election (Board President) - never to be done in LAUSD History!

    “My first constituent is the kid in classroom,” she said, followed by the family of that student. “We all get asked 10,000 ways every day to slow down,” she said of changes sweeping across the nation’s second-largest school system. “I ask myself every day what can we do more.”

    Mónica 2012

    Curfew 45

     Under the amended municipal code, police will no longer cite students on their way to class or running late. Students will also not be fined the first two times they are ticketed. And instead of appearing in court, they will be directed to a counselor


     English Learner Master Plan

    As a bilingual native of East Los Angeles and a product of local schools, I have had a lifelong passion for fostering the academic success of English learners (ELs) and Standard English Learners (SELs). “Diplomas for All” is a focus for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board and unless all students acquire Standard English with strong proficiency in the academic uses of language, the District will not reach its ambitious goal of 100% graduation. We believe that all students can master the language of school, the language of college and career readiness, and ultimately the language of power. We also encourage students to acquire proficiency in multiple languages as part of their preparation for college and careers. The District provides many programs that aim to develop bilingualism and biliteracy. These are critically important 21st Century skills that will give our students an advantage in today’s globalized, multilingual and multicultural world. For years, our community has been demanding that LAUSD provide students with a quality education. Thus, the LAUSD Board of Education fully endorses and supports this English Learner Master Plan; it is a step in the right direction. We believe it provides the guidance necessary to implement consistent, effective systems and instructional practices that will support learning for all our EL and SEL students. It is a timely and necessary plan to improve educational outcomes for our students. Our children can no longer wait. Executing the plan and reaching excellence in servicing the students of LAUSD requires the community’s continual involvement and collaboration. The fight does not end with the Master Plan; it is only the beginning.

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    Extension of BIC

    “Today’s continued support for Breakfast in the Classroom means students will get the nourishment they need to excel academically. This is the smart way of serving our students, increasing achievement and using our dollars effectively.”

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