• The Bilingual Authorization: Spanish (BAS) Program prepares teachers for an additional credential endorsement that authorizes the support of English language development, specially designed academic instruction in English and academic content instruction in both English and the language of their bilingual authorization.

    The BAS Program course of study is designed around the concept of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) for Bilingual Methodology and Culture. Teachers complete coursework that will provide depth of knowledge regarding current research-based theories, of which focuses on academic and content literacy in two languages, in order to ensure coordination of teachers in a dual-language setting.

    Additionally, teachers become skilled at administering and interpreting formal and informal assessments, providing benchmarks of English Learners through the use of a diverse selection of data analysis, developing designing curriculum, implementing interventions, utilizing progress monitoring, and creating appropriate learning environments to meet the unique needs of the bilingual student.


    The Bilingual Authorization Spanish Program incorporates:

    • Current theory and practical application in instructional needs of learners in bilingual settings.

    • Philosophical, theoretical, legal and legislative foundations of bilingual education and their effects on program design and educational achievement.

    • Pedagogical strategies for teaching in bilingual settings.

    • Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies that focus on traditions, roles, status, and communication patterns of the culture of emphasis.

    • Researched-based preparation courses aligned to state Bilingual Authorization Program Standards.

    • Well-designed preparation courses taught by highly qualified experienced Instructional Facilitators who are trained professionals currently in the field of practice.

    • Ongoing support from District Intern Teacher Advisers and Specialists.


    Enrollment information coming soon.