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  • A Police Officer patrols or is assigned to District schools, offices, and other property. The Officer also apprehends suspects; investigates crimes; and makes recommendations for the disposition of criminal and related matters involving the security of District facilities, personnel, or students.

    The Ideal Candidate for this job is be able to read, comprehend and interpret written materials and possess exceptional listening skills. The applicant must have the ability to work in emergency situations and handle stressful events well. We are looking for a candidate that makes sounds judgments and decisions and thinks clearly and logically. The applicant must be able to maintain complete and accurate records and prepare clear, concise, and grammatically correct police reports. This candidate must handle situations with a high degree of professionalism and integrity and be prepared to meet the physical demands of police work.

Patrols or is assigned to a campus, stake-outs, and responds to intrusion alarm reports at District schools, offices and other facilities;
Maintains law and order at District facilities, including prevention and control of incidents of violence directed against District facilities, personnel, or students;
Enforces violations of California vehicle codes and penal codes, and all other violations of city, county, State, and federal law and statutes as necessary;
Contacts and cooperates with local law-enforcement agencies in the prevention, control, and investigation of illegal activities by persons or groups directed against District facilities, personnel, or students;
Apprehends and interrogates those suspected of committing or attempting to commit crimes affecting district facilities personnel, or students;
Investigates crimes affecting District facilities, personnel, and students.

The Los Angeles School Police Department offers a wide range of special assignments. Police Officers are afforded the opportunity to obtain specialized skills throughout their career such as:

  K-9 Handler
  Senior Police Officer (FTO)
  Bicycle Patrol
  Honor Guard
  Training Unit
  Recruitment Unit
  Critical Response Team (CRT)
  Defensive Tactics Staff
  Range Staff
  Public Information Officer
  Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO)
  Police Chief Aide
  Detectives (Backgrounds, Criminal Investigations, Property Crimes)
  Vehicle Fleet Coordinator
  Technology Unit
  Youth Programs
      Police Explorers
      Youth Wrestling Program
      PAMS – Police Academy Magnet Schools
      AMPS – Anger Management Program for Students

pdf  LASPD Assignments (printable version)


Minimum Requirements

21 years of age or older at the time of hire
Be a U.S Citizen or be eligible
High School Diploma or equivalent
Valid California Driver’s License
No Felony Convictions
Willingness to work a flexible schedule, including any shift and day of the week,
   holidays, and weekends.

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 Online Application

The first step of the process is to complete an online employment application. Applicants need to apply at Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and on the right side of the screen click on “jobs open to the public” located under the category “quick links”. This will open a separate web page showing all job postings.

If this is your first time applying to a position with LAUSD, you will first need to “create an account”. If you need
 further assistance in how to create an account, click on the “how to apply” video tutorial which can be found on the bottom webpage of

***It is important to be thorough and complete when filling out your online employment application. Any missing or incomplete information may delay the hiring process***


Written Exam

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an e-mail invitation to take the written exam. Applicants will receive details on the test date(s), time(s) and designated location(s) that the written test will be administered. The e-mail will also include any required documents that you must bring to the test. It is recommended that applicants arrive early and with the required documents to the testing site. Failure to do so may be grounds for disqualification from the hiring process.
Applicants should allow 2-3 hours to complete the written exam. The written exam contains only multiple choice questions which covers topics in reading, vocabulary, writing and reasoning.


We are now offering a Written Test Exemption:

We accept California PELLET B written exam "T-scores" with a "T-score of 42 or higher, if the test has been taken within a year of the date we administer our written test, as an exemption to the written test. To receive consideration for exemption from the LAUSD Police Officer written test, attach a valid and legible copy of your T-Score letter to your online application. Per P.O.S.T regulation, the T-Score letter must be issued on Agency letterhead and must list the type of test, test date and the test result, and the score section breakdown (written, reading and total T-Score). It is the applicant's responsibility to attach proof of the written exam results to your online application. Once your PELLETB T-Score letter has been verified you will receive an email approving the waiver of the written test and you will be invited to the Physical Agility Test (PAT).


Physical Agility Test

Applicants who pass the written test will then be invited to the Physical Agility Test (P.A.T.). The P.A.T. is pass/fail only. The requirements are the same for both males and females.  

The P.A.T. consists of the following events:

1. Push-ups: Minimum of 15 push-ups in 1 minute

2. Sit-ups: Minimum of 30 sit-ups in 2 minutes

3. 300-meter sprint: Complete the sprint in under 70 seconds

4. 1 ½ mile run: Complete the run in under 15:00 minutes

***It is highly recommended that applicants begin a physical training program as soon as possible preferably CrossFit training. The police academy is physically demanding and follows a paramilitary training program.***


Oral Interview/Writing Exercise

Once an applicant successfully passes the written and physical agility test, they will be invited to an oral interview. The
 interview panel will consist of two sworn members of the Los Angeles School Police Department. The panel will ask a series of questions in regards to the applicants work experience, life experience, job preparation, judgment, stress tolerance, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. Applicants will also need to complete a short computer typed exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to get an understanding of the applicants writing ability and critical thinking skills.

Background Intake

Upon successful completion of the oral interview, applicants will be invited to a background intake. Applicants will receive through e-mail a Personal History Statement Background Form and a list of required documents needed on the day of the background intake. The PHS shall be completed and the required documents ready to be given to background detectives. Applicants will be required to complete an additional Background Questionnaire during the background intake. Background detectives will then review the forms and documents with the applicant and go over any questions or concerns they may have. An applicant’s background packet will then be submitted to the background unit supervisor where a recommendation will be made if the applicant proceeds in the hiring process.

Polygraph/Background Investigation

A polygraph examination will be conducted on applicants who are successful in the background intake. If the applicant is successful in the polygraph examination, a background investigator will be assigned to them and the background investigation will begin.

CA Peace Officers Standards and Training (CA POST) sets the minimum standards for peace officers in the State of California. POST guidelines provide the following five (5) major categories that we consider during the hiring process:

♦  Moral Character:
    Integrity, impulse control/attention to safety, substance abuse and other risk taking behavior

 Handling Stress and Adversity:
    Stress tolerance as well as confronting and overcoming problems, obstacles and adversity

 Work Habits:
   Conscientiousness, dependability and attention to detail

♦  Interactions with Others:
   Interpersonal skills and teamwork

♦  Intellectually-Based Abilities:
   Decision making and judgment, learning ability and communication skills


Medical Evaluation

Applicants must undergo a medical evaluation prior to being hired as a police officer. A district designated doctor will conduct a thorough examination to determine the applicants physical condition and suitability in performing the duties of a police officer.

Psychological Evaluation

Applicants who successfully complete the background investigation and medical evaluation will move on to the next stepof the hiring process which is a psychological evaluation. This step of the hiring process consists of a psychological written test and an oral interview conducted by a certificated police psychologist. A psychological evaluation assists in determining an applicant’s suitability of becoming a police officer.

Once an applicant successfully completes the background investigation, medical and psychological evaluations, a conditional offer of employment pending the successful completion of the chiefs oral interview.

Chief’s Oral Interview

Once an applicant is successful with the above steps of the hiring process, they will be invited to an interview with the Chief of Police. The chief reviews the applicants hiring process paperwork and their preparation in becoming a police officer with the Los Angeles School Police Department. The chief makes the final decision of the hiring of applicants. 





The starting yearly salary is $60,088- $93,457*

*This includes longevity and incentive pay. This does not include overtime and bilingual pay.


Retirement Plan

California PERS retirement 2.7%@57 for police officers hired after January 01, 2013. California PERS retirement 3%@50 for “classic” members. Officers do not contribute to social security.

Medical Benefits

District pays 100% of employee and dependents coverage for medical, vision, and dental.

Work Schedule

Police officers work a “4/10” schedule. Most officers have weekends off making our work schedule very family friendly.
Additionally, most officers have holidays off.


Police officers receive 2 weeks paid vacation per year to start. Maximum accrual of vacation is 4 weeks per year with 20 or more years of service with the Los Angeles School Police Department.

1 - 4 years of service: 80 hrs. (2 weeks)
5 - 15 years of service: 120 hrs. (3 weeks)
20 + years of service: 160 hrs. (4 weeks)

Sick Leave

Police officers receive 104 hours of full paid sick leave each year. Unused sick time rolls over to the following year.

Holiday Pay

12 paid holidays per year

Bilingual Pay

$46 bilingual pay per month ($0.2875 per hour)

POST Incentive Pay

Police officers receive incentive pay for all P.O.S.T. certification.

Basic: 2%
Intermediate: 5%
Advanced: 10%

Longevity Pay

Police officers receive longevity pay based on the years of service with the Los Angeles School Police Department.

5 years of service: 5%
8 years of service: 11%
15 years of service: 15%

Tuition Reimbursement

The district provides a tuition reimbursement program of up to $600 per year.

Uniform Allowance

Police officers receive a yearly $700 uniform allowance.

Life Insurance

The district pays for a $10,000 life insurance plan. Additional coverage is available at employee’s expense.

Compensatory Time

In lieu of receiving payment for overtime, an employee may request to accrue compensatory time off. With a maximum accrual of 130 hours per fiscal year. Unused compensatory time will be paid in lump sum at the end of October of each

Bereavement Leave

3 days of bereavement leave for immediate family.
5 days of bereavement leave for out of state immediate family.

pdf version Salary and Benefits (printable version)  


  • pdf Version Frequently Asked Questions  

The Los Angeles Unified School District maintains its own fully accredited police department under Section 830.32(b) of the California Penal Code and under the authority of Section 38000 of the California Educational Code.

Although the Los Angeles School Police Department is a separate entity, we work closely with all other law enforcement agencies within LAUSD boundaries.


These are the steps in the hiring process that an applicant must pass and complete to become a police officer:

  • Submit an application at
  • Pass the Written Exam
  • Pass the Physical Agility Test (P.A.T.)
  • Pass the Oral Interview
  • Successfully complete a thorough background investigation to include:
    • Polygraph examination
    • Medical examination
    • Psychological evaluation
  • Complete a Chief's oral interview.
    All applicants are subject to a full background under California Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST), Califronia Educational Code, and the LAUSD Personnel Commission Guidelines.


The starting annual salary for a police officer is $60,088- $93,457*.

*Includes longevity and incentive pay. Does not include overtime or bilingual pay.


Yes, Police Recruits receive their full pay and benefits the first day of the LASPD’s pre-academy training.


Newly hired Police Recruits attend a 4 week in house pre-academy overseen by the department’s training unit. The pre-academy consists of physical training, firearms instruction, defensive tactics, and classroom instruction that cover multiple subjects. The pre-academy is equivalent to the physical, mental and academic challenges a police recruit will face in the police academy. The Los Angeles School Police Department prides itself in molding highly trained Police Recruits that excel the high standards of the department.



No. Police Recruits commute to and from the academy. The academy is Monday-Friday with some weekends and holidays depending on academy scheduling.


Yes, the department accepts applications from applicants who are currently sponsoring themselves through a CA POST accredited police academy, and those who have already successfully completed the police academy. These applicants will have to go through the same hiring process starting with the written test. Certification showing that you are currently attending a police academy or successfully completed one will be required at the time of submitting the application.


Los Angeles School Police Officers attend a fully accredited and POST certified police academy. Police Recruits currently attend the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy. We receive the same training as all other police departments in the State of California. We are given additional training on the policing of schools and all related Education Code school safety mandates. Los Angeles School Police Officers have full police authority.



Visit and look for the “Police Officer” position. If the position is not open, check back periodically or visit for further information on our hiring process.


The Los Angeles School Police Department offers many specialized units such as: Training Unit, K-9 Unit, Bicycle Patrol Unit, Critical Response Team, Mental Health Evaluation Team (MHET), Honor Guard, Police Activities League, Explorer Advisor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Range Instructor, and many more.

There are also many opportunities to promote to Senior Police Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Deputy
 Chief, and Chief of Police.


Applicants who are interested in completing a ride along should contact the watch commander at (213)625-6631


Yes. The Los Angeles School Police Department hires police laterals on a continuous basis. Police lateral applicants must attach their POST certificate when submitting their application. Police lateral candidates can waive the written test in the hiring process.


Police Recruits who successfully complete the police academy attend a 2-week post academy led by the Department’s training unit. Here the newly hired police officers are acquainted with department policies, tactics and other relevant material that pertains to the department. Police Officers then go through a field training program which is approximately 6 months long.