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We are gathering some resources and sharing them here to help our communities of practice grow in educating our youngest learners.



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The Early Education Student Information System, known as EESIS, is both a student information system and financial system supporting the preschool children and families served by the Early Childhood Education Division. To access EESIS click here:

EESIS Access

You must have an LAUSD Single Sign On account and have authorization to log in to the site. To request an EESIS User ID, please download the following form and email or fax to the Early Childhood Education Division: EESIS User ID Request



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All New Teachers

To access DRDP online, please email our support personnel with the following information:

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Facilities is the unit within the Early Childhood Education Division responsible for overseeing the construction of all new early education centers, the maintenance, repair and expansion of existing centers and continuous enhancement of the existing built environment to promote and encourage learning.


ECED Facilities is committed to the creation, maintenance and expansion of welcoming,
safe and nurturing early education centers, which will enhance the emotional, physical, social
and academic development of all its children.


Thanks to Measure Y and Q bond funds the Early Childhood Education Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District has embarked on an ambitious program of repairs, renovations and enhancements of the built environment at existing centers. Typical projects include addition of new playground equipment, paving, roofing and the addition of drinking fountains.

Among the most exciting and innovative concepts currently being implemented at the early education centers is the “Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom”. The “Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom” will provide hands-on experience for children to acquire a deep intuitive understanding of the natural world. Each one will be unique in size, setting and structure and will be incorporated into existing playground areas. Typically each “Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom” includes an entry feature, open area for large-motor activities, a climbing/crawling area, a “messy materials” area, a building area, a nature art area, a music and movement area, a garden and/or a pathway through planting area, a gathering area, and a storage area.

Over the past four years, the Early Childhood Education Division (ECED) has worked closely with the Arbor Day Foundation, the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and Nature Explore, all non-profit organizations, to evaluate the benefits of implementing such a program at LAUSD.

Currently the “Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom” concept has been implemented at 3 LAUSD early education centers: Brooklyn EEC, 4th Street EEC and Glassell Park EEC. Based on the success of these 3 programs, ECED facilities has received Board approval to fund the design and construction of 8 more such classrooms at Canoga Park, Arminta, Escalante, Marina, Wanda Mikes, Trinity, , 66th Street and Gardena Early education centers. These eight school sites, were identified in consultation with local districts and school site administrators. Questionnaires were sent out to each early education center and based on responses received and the final score, these school sites were selected.

Construction of these eight Nature Explore Classrooms will allow the District to convert a large part of existing asphalt and playground area into dynamic nature-based play and learning spaces. These classrooms will enhance the physical environment and add natural beauty to the play areas. Children and their parents will be able to connect with the natural world as a regular part of their healthy growth and development in the areas that lack parks and green environments.


Past experience has demonstrated that children benefit most from these programs when the parents, administrators and center staff have received adequate training and support on the optimal use of Nature Explore Classrooms. In order to maximize the potential benefits and ensure the success of the instructional program that will be made possible with the completion of these proposed projects, ECED in conjunction with the above listed non-profit organizations, will offer training on the use and maintenance of these Nature Explore Classrooms. It is anticipated that construction of these 8 projects will be completed by September 2015.



For CSPP / CCTR Programs at Early Education Centers

1.       Open 8 hour Teacher

2.       Close 8 hour Teacher

3.       Open 4 hour Teacher

4.       Close 4 hour Teacher

5.       Open 8 hour Aide

6.       Close 8 hour Aide

7.       Open 3 hour Aide

8.       Close 3 hour Aide

9.       Open Office Manager

10.     Open Housekeeper


For CSPP Part Day Elementary Sites

1.       Open 8 hour Teacher

2.       Open 6 hour Teacher Assistant

3.       Open 3 hour Aide


For Cal-SAFE Infant Care Centers

1.       Open 8 hour Teacher

2.       Close 8 hour Teacher

3.       Open 6 hour Infant Care Aide

4.       Close 6 hour Infant Care Aide

5.       Open 3 hour Infant Care Aide

6.       Close 3 hour Infant Care Aide

7.       Open 3 hour Infant Care Aide (Restricted)

8.       Close 3 hour Infant Care Aide (Restricted)

9.       Open Housekeeper

10.     Close Housekeeper


Overtime Request Form 


The Early Childhood Education Fiscal Services Unit staff is responsible for all fiscal activities of the Child Development Division and provides similar services in budgeting, fiscal reporting and liaison to State and District offices as those performed by Adult Fiscal Services staff. In addition, this section monitors family eligibility and collection of fees for early education center services and California State Preschool programs at elementary sites to ensure compliance with State requirements. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Early Childhood Education Fiscal Services Unit, is to provide the centers and sites, the community, the administration and the Board of Education with budget, fiscal reports, compliance and attendance support, and related services in a manner that maximizes, and safeguards the resources available to support activities of the Division.


About Our Office

Ted Nelson
Assistant Budget Director

333 South Beaudry Avenue, 18th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 213-241-3788
Fax: 213-241-3339


Tess Pineda
Fiscal Services Manager
333 South Beaudry Avenue, 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 213-241-0781
Fax: 213-241-3339


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