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    Dreamers and Undocumented Students

    IRS Tax Transcript and Issues

    College financial aid offices sometimes have students go through a verification process. Financial aid offices request that students use the IRS tax retrieval tool to transfer parental tax return information from the IRS directly to the FAFSA. DREAMers may also be asked to provide their own tax return information or proof of non-filing from the IRS. Due to the migratory status of California DREAMers and their inability to complete the FAFSA, this situation can create a barrier. 

    Since this population can only complete the CADAA, students must request a tax transcript from the IRS to submit to financial aid offices. There will be fear about going to an IRS office to pick up a tax transcript. Therefore, students can go online to the IRS tax transcript request page and, along with their parent(s), create an account and either download or request a mailing of the needed tax transcript. Copies can be made of the tax transcript to provide to all financial aid offices requesting the document. For more information, visit the IRS tax transcript request website.


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