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    Dreamers and Undocumented Students

    DREAMers and California Public Community Colleges

    California’s 114 public community colleges (CCC) recognize and accept DREAMers. All provide supports to some degree and follow all state laws. These institutions are also great options for DREAMers that choose to study a trade versus attending a for-profit, unaccredited school. 

    DREAMers that choose to attend a CCC must also be supported throughout their admissions process. Here the most important details will be highlighted along with additional information for students that wish to dorm.


    • Los Angeles College Promise: DREAMers also qualify for this program that is funded through the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles College Promise provides one year of free enrollment to all full-time students graduating from LAUSD and charter high schools. Included in this program is priority enrollment, placement in math and English courses required to succeed in college and career support and counseling. To qualify, future students must complete the following by April 30th: 
      • Admissions application 
      • Orientation (online or in person) 
      • English and math assessments 
      • See a counselor 
      • Develop the first Education Plan with the counselor 
      • Submit a FAFSA or CADAA 


    • Admission: First time freshman applications usually open on the school’s website in the spring semester for Summer or Fall semester. Applicants should submit applications as soon as possible to be processed and assigned a campus student ID. 


    • The Application and Social Secuirty Number (SSN): Upon creating a CCC account, applicants are asked for their SSN. DREAMers can leave this blank. There is a checkbox asking confirmation that the student does not have a SSN or ITIN (undocumented students with an ITIN should still leave this blank). A pop-up window will appear confirming that the student does not have a SSN. Once completed, the student can then begin the admission application.  Learn more by reviewing and/or downloading the CSU Residence Questionnaire pdf form.


    • EOPS: Educational Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS) is a supplemental, state-funded program that provides more intentional and required counseling. Students accepted into this program are required to attend two counseling sessions and an academic performance review each semester. Upon satisfactory completion of requirements, students are given a book stipend. Interested students must apply separately to EOPS to be considered. 


    • Cal Grants: Eligible Cal Grant A and B recipients that attend a CCC instead of a 4-year college will have their Cal Grant held in reserve if their plan is to transfer. The Cal Grant is on reserve for 2 years. If the student knows there will be a delay in transferring, the student must file a third year reserve extension at the campus financial aid office prior to beginning the third year. Otherwise, the Cal Grant is withdrawn. 
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