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    L.A. Unified is able to provide licenses and training support for Naviance in secondary schools, district-wide. Naviance is a comprehensive online college and career portal available for grades 8 through 12 that helps students identify their strengths, discover careers, and prepare for post-secondary programs. Students have the opportunity to complete multiple grade level tasks within the Naviance platform that support college awareness, eligibility and preparedness. Bringing Naviance to all schools reinforces college-going culture in alignment with District policy.


    1. Naviance High School
    For high school students, Naviance streamlines every aspect of the college research, application and enrollment process, which greatly eases the work of counseling staff. Families are also able to log in and take part in college and career research with their child. The platform has curriculum and tasks to engage each grade level. In the spring semester of 12th grade, students take the Senior Exit Survey; this provides valuable data that builds schools’ capacity to support all students.
    2. Naviance Middle School
    Naviance helps middle school students identify their strengths and explore careers to increase college awareness and access.  Students have the opportunity to complete tasks and participate in college access lessons within the platform. To support self-discovery and career awareness, they can take personal interest surveys and explore the Road Trip Nation archives to learn from experts in multiple fields.


    Learn more by visiting or reviewing resources from the links below:
    Naviance Overviews:

        •    Navigating the Course to Guiding Students to Postsecondary Success (PowerPoint)  

        •    Naviance HS Overview Flyer
        •    Naviance HS FAQs  
        •    Introduction to Naviance Lesson Plan to use with students   
    Virtual Trainings:


        •    On Demand Training

        •    PowerPoint: Scope & Sequence

        •    PowerPoint:  High School eDocs and Scope & Sequence Review for Teacher


    Job Aids and How-Tos:

    Click on the following link to access Naviance Job Aids (NOTE: access to these documents require your LAUSD SSO - remember to clear your history/cache/cookies)


    Other Resources: 

        •    User Access Form       

        •    LAUSD District-Naviance RASCI          

        •    LAUSD Schools- Naviance RASCI


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