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    Dreamers and Undocumented Students                                       

    Assisting DREAMers with the CADAA


    Here are quick reference items that address the most frequently asked questions when it comes to supporting a DREAMer in submitting the CADAA. 

    The application window for the CADAA is from October 1st through March 2nd. Similar to the FAFSA, the CADAA does still accept applications after March 2nd for community college bound students until September 2nd, but the priority date for maximum financial aid continues to be March 2nd.


    • All dependency questions are designed to identify DREAMers in the foster care system as in the FAFSA. These students are flagged and will not be required to answer parental financial questions.


    • Social Security Number question: DREAMers will have different situations to answer this question for both student and parents. Below is guidance on how to proceed.


    • Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN): students and parents that have an ITIN should input this number into the CADAA. ITINs usually begin with a 9, look like a SSN, and can be found on the parental tax return.


    • DACA Social Security Number: students with a DACA SSN must input the number for this question. DACA SSN cards are marked with the phrase “Valid For Work Only With DHS Authorization.”


    • No SSN nor ITIN: Leave this question blank for whom this applies.


    • AB 540-qualified DREAMers under foster care are eligible for the CHAFEE grant, if the student had an open case for at least one day between their 16th birthday and before their 18th birthday. This grant is an award of up to an additional $5,000. Students must complete the CHAFEE grant application along with the CADAA.


    • Note: CHAFEE applicants must also complete the Foster Care Eligibility Certification Form, which requires certification by the social worker charged with the student’s open or closed case. 


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