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    Dreamers and Undocumented Students

    College Choice Considerations for DREAMers (or Match & Fit)


    Matching students to supportive, nurturing, and challenging postsecondary options is critical for student success. As an educator, first identify if the student is CSU/UC and Private School eligible using the GPA as a starting point, then consider their SAT scores and Major options.  

    • CSU Match & Fit: When matching CSU campuses with students we often come across students who want to apply to CSU’s out the local index, if students receive the 4 fee waivers to apply to CSU’s for free, they should always include at least 2 CSU’s in their local index. Some examples for Los Angeles residents are CSU Los Angeles & CSU Dominguez Hills. Undocumented students do not receive federal aid and only rely on state aid and grants which will more often than not only afford in-state tuition and not room & board, books, misc. It is often advisable for them to live at home with parents/family to be able to commute to their local CSU.  

      Additionally, refer to the California State University - Statistical Reports website as a guide for students. 


    • UC Match & Fit: When matching UC campuses with students, it is important to remember that students only receive in state grants and state aid (CA DREAM LOAN). UCs do a great job at subsidizing the cost with their own institution grants such as the UCLA grant and or UC San Diego Grant. Students might be offered the CA Dream Loan to supplement the cost of Room and Board and other expenses. It is advisable to have students with a GPA between 3.0 - 3.5 apply to different tiers.



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