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    California Dream Act (CADAA)


    California’s Dream Act is a set of laws (AB 540, AB 130, and AB 131) intended to lower the cost of higher education for certain undocumented and nonresident students in California. 

    The CADAA allows these students who meet a certain criteria to apply for and receive private scholarships funded through public universities, state administered financial aid, University grants, community college fee waivers and Cal Grants.  

    The California Dream Act Application (CADAA) eligibility requirements are:  
        •    Not eligible to complete and submit the FAFSA  

        •    Must live in California   

        •    Meet the AB 540 or AB 2000 requirements and/or  

        •    Reside in California and hold a U Visa or   

        •    Reside in California with a Temporary Protected Status (TPS)  

        •    Complete and submit the application by March 2nd deadline   

    The online and paper application for the next academic year is available October 1st.  

    To obtain AB 540 eligibility, students will be: 
        •    Required to fill out an affidavit and   

        •    Provide supporting documentation to the Registrar of the college or university they will be attending  

        •    Complete this process in the spring or summer before attending    

    What is AB 2000? 
        •    An expansion of AB 540   

        •    Increases the scope of student eligibility for students who graduated early from a California High School with the equivalent of three or more years of credits  

        •    Must have attended CA elementary or secondary schools for a cumulative total of 3 or more years  

    Parents’ citizenship status does not impact eligibility to receive CADAA financial aid. CADAA is now using prior-prior-year tax information.

    The California DREAM Loan Program extends loans to students who meet the requirements established by AB 540 and have demonstrated a financial need. The program:     
        •    Authorizes any campus UC or the CSU systems to participate.  

        •    California Community Colleges are not authorized to participate  

        •    Eligible students should contact their school for more information 


    Visit the University of California - CA DREAM Loan Program website for information regarding the California Dream Loan Program.


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