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    Students and Athletes and the NCAA

    Academic Requirements 

    Future college athletes should have decided on the type of school that best suits them by the end of their junior year, and be on track to graduate in good standing. Division I, II and III schools have differing academic requirements that combine variations of GPA and SAT/ACT scores. These rules will form an important part of students’ research into preferred schools. 

    All NCAA schools consider students’ GPA in core courses, so a student’s NCAA GPA will look a little different from on their overall transcript GPA. Scores from the SAT and ACT are also used to determine eligibility, so students should be encouraged to take practice tests and access prep programs to maximize success. The NCAA will look at the highest section scores across all tests taken, and does not require the SAT Writing section or essay scores. For more information, visit the NCAA website.

    College Bound Student Athlete 2019-2020

    Division I & Division II Flyer

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