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    Know Your Graduation Requirements

    English Language Learners

    Per state and federal regulations, English Learners (ELs) who have not yet met reclassification criteria are required to be enrolled in English Language Development class. Literacy & Language and Advanced ELD are categorized as English Language Development courses and are UCOP approved. These courses meet the “b” requirement (ELA) on the “a-g” course sequence required for graduation, and a maximum of two semesters may be used.  These courses, if not used to satisfy the “b” requirement, can also be used to meet  “g” (College Preparatory Electives) credit. English Learners who are newcomers enrolling in high school as their first school experience in the United States may remain in high school until graduation requirements are met, or through the age of 21, whichever comes first. They can stay enrolled until high school until then as long as they are making academic progress towards meeting graduation requirements. However, ELs should be afforded every opportunity and support to meet graduation requirements in four years to the greatest extent possible. 

    EL students should meet with counseling staff to determine the best supports and provisions for them to graduate.

    Visit L.A. Unified’s Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department webpages for more information.


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