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    Know Your Graduation Requirements

    Homeless and Foster Youth Students


    Students who are or have been homeless, in foster care, or on probation, have several provisions in place to meet their circumstances through school and to graduate from high school. At any time after the completion of their 2nd year of high school, these populations are exempt from coursework and other requirements adopted by L.A. Unified that are in addition to California coursework requirements for graduation, unless the District determines that the student is reasonably able to complete the local requirements by the end of his/her 4th year of high school. 

    If a school determines that a student is reasonably able to complete the school district’s graduation requirements, if given extra time to do so, the school shall permit the student to attend a 5th year of high school to complete the district’s graduation requirements. This arrangement can be made by agreement with the student if he/she is 18 years or older, or with the education rights holder if the student is under 18. 

    Students should meet with counseling staff to determine the best supports and provisions for them to graduate.
    Visit L.A. Unified’s Student Health and Human Services webpages for more information.



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