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    Know Your Graduation Requirements

    Students with Disabilities


    Students who earn either a certificate or diploma are eligible to participate in one graduation ceremony as well as other activities related to graduation. Most students with disabilities are working toward a high school diploma. Talk to your counselor to ensure you are on track for graduation.

    Students with an IEP can earn a certificate of completion by meeting any one of the following conditions:

    • Satisfactory completion of a prescribed alternative course of study as identified on the student’s IEP;
    • Satisfactory achievement of his/her IEP goals and objectives during high school as determined by the IEP team; or
    • Satisfactory high school attendance, participation in the instruction prescribed in his /her IEP, and achievement of the transition goals and objectives.
    • Students earning a certificate may continue to pursue a diploma and are eligible to receive special education services through age 22 or until the diploma is earned, whichever comes first.


    For more information, talk to your school counselor or teacher. You can also visit the Division of Special Education website for more information.

    For general information about transition services, please visit the District Office of Transition Services.


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